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PrivateFolio offers custom solutions with deep discounts for departments, professional associations, and career centers.

Departments - ensure that your job market candidates can apply widely with ease. We generate a custom code, and when your students sign up they have immediate access to a budget that you set. No need to deal with cumbersome, individual reimbursements. For departments that do currently reimburse dossier expenses, switching to PrivateFolio can save thousands of dollars per year.

Professional Associations - give your members one of the most valuable benefits they could ask for from an academic association. As a promotional offer, we currently provide each member of an association a starting credit equal to the association’s membership fee - totally free of charge. Thus, when associations provide a PrivateFolio code, their members immediately receive a benefit equal to their annual dues at no cost to the association. Additional subsidies are possible. Even moderately sized professional associations can save their collective members hundreds of thousands of dollars with a PrivateFolio partnership.

Career Centers - have us provide a campus-wide solution for managing letters of recommendations and replace costly, in-house “letter of recommendation” services. Onboarding letters from existing databases is quick and easy. Moreover, school codes can be restricted to those with institutional email accounts, ensuring that only your students access benefits. Our highly efficient system can free up your staff to focus on other priorities, or it can replace expensive partnerships with other dossier services.

Whether you want to provide a new benefit or to reduce the cost of services that you already cover, PrivateFolio offers unparalleled value to our institutional partners.

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